The shambolic girl

‘So, what’s with the little girl logo?’ We get this a lot…….we kinda like it.

The shambolic girl was found sprayed onto a wall trying to reach the button on a lift to escape Chernobyl….She echoes the Japanese atrocities of seventy years ago. She reminds us that nothing changes, no-one learns..

The shadow image is symbolic of all the innocents around the world trying to escape from the devastating actions of others.

Or is it?

The image is a euphoric child dancing in a sunlit field without a care in the world………….. The dream of a future of change and hope encapsulated in the next generation.

Which do you prefer?

Everything is open to interpretation.

I know which version I like……………..

Will the last one out flick the light off? Now all the factories lie in so much dust, And all the old machines slowly turn to rust. The dead have built a wall, as high as we can see, Wind and cold and rain seep through the bones of me. Can't quite remember when I heard the last hurrah, But it hasn't been for years. As slowly grinding gears came to a sudden stop, At last the penny drops. Will the last one out flick the light off?

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